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Welcome to the official website of United Youth For Madhes (UYFM), Nepal. Knowing about the people who lead our society & country is an important aspect of every democracy. UYFM aims to build another bridge with this portal. A bridge meant for every Madhesi. In time, this will evolve to become a valuable platform for interaction and discussion, available to everyone. We together will become the change we hope for!

“The People United Will Never be Defeated !!”

विखंडता, उडन्ड़ता र बरबरताले भरिएको आजको मधेस र मधेसी समाजलाई स्वच्छ, सफा, सबल, सम्पन्न, सभ्य र सफल बनाई प्रगतिशीलको बाटोमा डोरयाउनु आजको हामी मधेसी युवाहरुको कर्तव्य मात्र न भई आजको मधेसी युवा पिंढीहरुको जिम्मेदारी पनि हो ! त्यसैले साथीहरु, आउनुस् !! हामी सबै मिलेर एकजुट हौँ र परिकल्पना गरौ कि आजको मधेस र मधेसी समाजलाई कसरी राम्रो, सवच्छ,  सु-शान्तीको साथ परिवर्तनको सिढीमा कसरी लान सकिन्छ!

जय मधेस !!!!   जय मातृभूमि !!!!

“सुरेन्द्र मधेसी”


34 Responses

  1. Dear Friends,
    Long Live Our Madhes.

    There’s no doubt that the articles by you people are remarkable, which gives us knowledge related to our identification, the baissedness faced by we people , along with the insipring thoughts for our unity & dare to revolute…also it provides knowelege to know many of the caliberous freinds like you ALL who has vison & dedication to lead the Madhesi Youths.

    But freinds I am bit confused about the language you people mainly use for the article..i.e. Article.. i.e. NEPALI

    …everyone of us talk about our identification, also that we r being preparing ourself to take our own seperate nation if the pahadi rule would hatch any conspiracy againgst our Madhes….but WHY MOST OF THE TIME WE DROP OUR ARTICLE ONLY IN KHAS NEPALI….does this KHAS (nepali) language denote our identification-culture.


    In order to symbolize our Linguistic protest we can Use ENGLISH … an alternative….as almost all of us who use internet understands English well.

    Here also I would like to mention that I don’t have any disrespect for the NEPALI (KHAS) language….Because we Madhesi Belive in feeling of CO-EXISTENCE , but We WONT COMPROMISE ANY MORE FOR OUR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS.

    Also I do guess that We have forgotten the humiliating attack made on us by insulting our language – culture in VP’s issue, which is still pending…

    Hope Our Dear Leaders & all the Readers will take my this opinion in positive way….ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO MENTION , THIS IS MY SOLE VIEW IN & GENERAL, NOT INDICATING TO ANY PERSON IN PARTICULAR.

    • Thanks for sharing your precious thoughts with UYFM, Nepal. Bro your thought are really incredible.
      “Hope to hear more from you in coming days.”

      मधेसी युवा

    • Hi friend
      i read your statements it is very usefull for us ………..and i m agrey with u…… please keep it up………
      and Thanaks for support ………..thats kinds of word……..

      about me i m currently from USA …………….but my home town is Mahottary

  2. HI,

    Its great to see that this front exist and more then that I am very much impressed seeing your dedication of uniting people.
    More then that I loved the line– “We are proud to be a Madhesi and even prouder to be a Nepali” really I do accept the slogan.
    It would be great to be the part of your movement.

    I will be always try to put all my effort to help your movement.

    Ishwar Rauniyar
    The Kathmandu Post

    India’s contribution to the development of human resources in Nepal has, over the years, been one of the major aspects of India-Nepal cooperation.Around 1500 scholarships/seats are provided every year by GOI though the Embassy of India, Kathmandu to Nepali nationals for undergoing various courses at the Ph.D/Masters, Bachelors and Plus-two levels in India as well as Nepal.These scholarships/seats are provided for a wide spectrum of studies ranging from engineering, medicine, agriculture, pharmacology, veterinary sciences, computer application, business administration, music and fine arts, etc.70 Scholarships are given for studying BE/B.Tech in top engineering colleges in India; 50 scholarships to undertake undergraduate courses such as BBA/Others; 5 scholarships for undertaking Music/Fine Arts courses; and 3 seats for MBBS.60 Scholarships for undertaking post graduate courses in disciplines like MBA/MCA and other PG level courses.With the aim of providing comprehensive and integrated training to in-service candidates of GoN/Public Sector nominees of GoN, 35 seats are allotted to Nepal under the Technical Cooperation Scheme (TCS) of the Colombo Plan and 25 seats for GON employees under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC), apart from 55 other seats for Nepalis in ITEC programme.The Golden Jubilee scholarship scheme was implemented for the first time in 2002-03 under which 100 scholarships are awarded to Nepalese students studying in MBBS, BE/B.Tech and other undergraduate courses in Nepal.Under the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Scheme, initiated in 2003-04, 1000 scholarships are being provided every year to students of Class-XI and XII studying in Nepal.The Dr. Homi J. Bhaba Scheme launched in 2004-05, provided 20 scholarships to Nepalese students for studying ME/M.Tech in India.Under a new scheme, implemented in 2005-06, 10 Nepali students are provided scholarships for studying in a reputed public school in India.Under another scheme launched in 2005-06, 3 students are sent to India for undergraduate and post-graduate studies in Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy, and 10 for B. Pharma.

  4. i m very happy to see such web about aware of medhesis and beibg united at one certain place . that is good but first we have to change our attitudes regarding to understand our community as well as to enhance education in tarai . basically in tarai education system goning on is so worse , like cheating system in exam hall , it keeps us and towards us in very weak position.

  5. Madhesh Today

    Today Madhesh is in growing speed, the growth may
    be positive or negative.
    We can say Madhesh is growing its political, langauge, identical personality. As our President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, Vice-President Mr. Parmanand Jha is the citizen of Madhesh, 17 out of 43 ministers are of Madhesh. Now we, the people of Madhesh have the right to talk in their mother tongue Maithili, to wear our traditional dress Dhoti and Kurta.
    Yet some people are happy to see Madhesh happy, they till this time have some conflict for our language, dress and political personality. If no why our Vice-President was terminated from his status when he took his oath in our mother tongue Maithili wearing Dhoti and Kurta and there was no objection when Comrade Prachand took his oath wearing tie and suit.
    Madhesh came up with the great Madhesh Revolution but now again the impact of Madhesh is going down. As Madhesh in Nepal is now known as breeding ground of Crime like in India the slums are known as the same. Now Madheshi are not seen with good eyes, just because crime is Madhesh is increasing very rapidly and government of Nepal is not concerning on that. Government only concerns on how to make money and protect the chair from the oppositions.
    What is the benefit of having the Madheshi President, and other ministers? I think no benefit as there is no work of development in Madhesh only Madhesh is increasing with crime day to day. I think without Madhesh Nepal is nothing, as if Madhesh is not there what would be the gateway of bringing goods, most of the crops are grown there which are brought to the Pahadi and Himali region of Nepal.
    If the development work of Madhesh will start it will touch the sky very fast as everything is there, though you ask for good air, water, environment, people etc. Some of you may say that there is no good environment and people in Madhesh because you see the crime. But the crime is because of the government and the public of whole Nepal. The main cause is poverty, which should be reduced by government. Yet leaving the manmade environment and poverty made people natural environment and public is very excellent.
    I wish Madhesh become world’s peaceful, happiest, evergreen place which will automatically make the beautiful and peaceful Nepal.
    May my wish come true soon.

  6. Hamari samasaya din pe din badhti hi jarahi hai, kal tak hume apne man samman huk adhikar ki phikar thi to aaj hume apni jan-dhan aur izat ki khatra najar araha hai. madhesh me har din sunaneko milta hai. . . .hatya atank,chanda,apharan,chori aur dakaiti ki sanjal phailtahi jaraha hai.ashiksha, udand, daman ashisht samaj ki prabirti badhtahi jaraha hai .jiski lathi ushki bhainsh bali kahabat aj humare madhesh me charitarth ho raha hai.sadhu sant sajanbrind ko jina muhal ho gaya hai. ek tarf hum apni adhikar surachhit karne ke liye sarkar se lad rahe hai dushri taraf hume apnehi samuday ke log se khatra badh raha hai. to kya hum chup chap ye tandab dekhte rahenge ya kuch karenge ? hum sare yuwa milenge to ek nayi soch paida hoga samajme bikritinya rokne ki jagrukta failegi.aur hum yuwa ek swakchh, sabal, swashth, shikshit abam Aadarsh madhesh samaj ki nirman kar sakte hain.aur ye humari mulbhut kartabya hai.kyu ki yuwa pidhi se hi samaj ki nirman hoti hai.hume apna ghar khud banana padega nahi to kal Aanewala pidhi hume prashan ki ghero me gher lega aur humare pas koi jawab nahi Aao humare madhes ki yuwa kyu ki neta ho tumhi humareliye.khatam kardo hatya hinsh aur julm sadiyon ke liye !!!!!!! jay madhes. . . . . . . .jay matribhumi

    • Dear prabhat ray bhatt, jee
      Appki bat bilkul tekh hai ,esska Soulation Ham log ko He Thundna Hoga ,App nay Likha hai k parti kay Addmi say ab Khatra Paida Hogya Hai Baat App ki Bilkul Sahi hai,Party ka leading Sahi nahi Horaha Hai ,Party Kay Kuch Kachkarta Dako ky Roop Mai Party Mai hai,likin Party Bhi DAmashyi Ban Kar Deekh Rahi Hai,Logo Ka Jan,Mal Ezad Sab Kuch Loda Jaraha Hai, Eska ZAmadar Bhi party Hai,Bina kisi Galdi kay ,kisi ko jan say Mardiya jaraha Hai,Agar Kisi ko kisi say Doshmani Hai Wa bhi Party Mai Aakar Usy Badla Leraha hai Bahut Sari Chezay Jo Party Nazrandaz Kar Rahe ,Esska Nuksan Sabsy Zyda Party Kohoraha Hai Abb Log Sawal karny lagy hai K Appni Parti Bhi India Ka Ek Nepal ko Tank karny ka ek Party hai Madesh kay Liy Nahi hai ,Esslay Party Ko chay Parti Kaa Sahi Estemal Kary,

      Shekh Mohd Shahid Amani
      R/o Santapur-Dostiya RAutahat Nepal
      Jai Madesh

  7. This is a country that is drenched in blood more tha a decade now.Extremism in its many ways people have carried in the past and is being carried forward with a notion and ill thought of dividing our country.everybody should have equal rights and equal oppurtunity in this country despite the fact that ones colour is dark or fair.The young generation is being mislead by a few corrupt politicians like Upendra yadav and company who have made so much of money in such a small span of time.Beware guys.Think before you leap.Nepal should persist .Then only we will.Say no to blood.we ghav seen so much of blood.Lets solve it in the paeceful way.

  8. Dear DR Budhathokiji,
    Thank you very much for your comments and time .
    Let me make it clear to you and all , we are neither lead by any confused or corrupt politicains nor they have that fire in their belly to lead us.
    We are simply trying to find a solution to the discrimination and ill treatment meted to madheis. We are not against Pahades but there is nothing wrong in joining our hands together for betterment of madhes.
    How ironical is that out of all the corrupt politicains in country , you remember only one name ?? I am not defending Mr Yadav but it is unfortunate, people forget the greatest corrupt politicians like Grija , Madhav, Prachand and many more but remembers if any madhesi does the same . I am in no way supporter of Corrupted politician or Bureaucrat but I am against the biased screening of people .
    There are thousands of questions which await answers before that the possibility of a good relation amongst different communities remains highly unlikely. Hope to hear more from you !

    • hello everybody,what do you think from facebook we can change our madhesh and madheshi. If this is possible then carry on but if you really want to change your madhesh then we youth must have to jump in politics to lead madhesh and nepal toward the development.

    • My wise friend Thakur.In no way i am talking about Girija or Madhav who are so much corrupt.We need to understand and speak.I am just talking about madhes and the corrupt Yadav.Thats it .Dont be skeptical.I always support a fair cause but can’t support to kill anyone.No blood shed please.You kill.I kill.where will that lead us.Nowhere.Dialogue should solve.

  9. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

  10. nice to see…………

  11. i am also asosiated with madhes i am proud to be called madhesi all the periods of time it doesnt matter past or future or present. i am here only stand for clarify the two above comments like dr Arjun Budhathoki & sujit Kumar Thakur both of them commented and their comments introduce themselves. i am not judging just i am clarifying that these are the main point of view that one is like to called himself ” i am madhesi” either he is a teacher or a doctor or a lecturer or politian, or a pilot or a scientist and vice versa, this is because they dont want to know the real problem that what is happening in our society or different part of nepal. they only locate their own that is 100% selfishness. At last, i suggest u both if u guys want to see nepal more developed and free from all the on going problem, develope madhesh and its villages i promiss u nepal will automatically will be developed or if u cant do this even dont try to come on the way who want this by giving this type comments………………..

  12. Its Great blog.



  15. Very Good site, thank yo mister, it’s help’s me!

  16. No Rajeev Ji, i was also feelong same as “I AM PROUD TO BE NEPALI AND THEN MADHESHI” but they are not ready to agree we people for same class, If we stand first madhesh then we will be strong. we must have strong strong dedication. I am not sure whether you are being feeling or not, how much people of hille region hate us.

  17. i like this site so much bcz i can know all the news n see all photos by sitting in foreing country thank u so much take it up

  18. I really like this site because this site increase the feeling of madhesi and madhes.

  19. hamra madheshi hoapar garv hai

  20. Hello friends after long interval of time i am going to write few words on this blog.I think you all still remember me.At present i am in Hyderabad-India doing MBA.I am going to be here for 2 years. I want to do some things on mithila culture…like cultural dance,songs,even i like to call Mr. Udit Narayan on this occasion.For this there is need of huge amount to make this program success.This program will be done by AIMSA-Inida,so AIMSA-India need help from your side and your contribution will make our mithila culture to known this world.Please come forward and make this plan success.You can keep you points for betterment.I think we all get positive from your side.
    Thank You……Jai Matribhumi

  21. Yuvay jutenge to kuchh hoga, en netao se kuchh bhi aas karna nadani hoga.

    Enhe kuto ki tarah pichhe pichhe ghumne bala kursi milna chahiya

  22. hi friends i m binit kumar jha doing my graduation from mumbai. my home town is rajbiraj and it would be great if u ppl can help me to get admission in any good mba collage nxt yr pls reply to my email address if there is some reservation for nepali students in india and if yes dan how can i get that.

  23. My testimony for UYMF :

    Sometimes to know where we are going, we must look at where we had been. I may insult and infuriate some people. And i even intend to. But, my faith in democracy is such that, i always welcome criticism, although personally i never like them.

    We are equally responsible for our torment. We have been divided by others.
    Now, the time demands us to be united.
    Now, the time demands us to remain united.
    Now, the time demands us to fight united.
    Now, the time demands ‘US’…
    A lot of pollution is being entertained in this group. There are people who think we should remain united on common ground of haterade for certain ethnicity of people.
    We should remain united for development, peace, and future. I want every child of Madhesh to be in school, I want electricity, i want water, i want air, i want Land… i want My land to be the “land of happiness”. and i want it more than i can possibly want anything.
    I am not a child with a silver-spoon in mouth. It is not that i have never been victimized for my ethnicity. But, I believe that the unjust should not be answered with revenge. The very core of our thought process should not be poisoned with revenge. In Mahabharata, it is said “Revenge is the purest form of emotion.” but then, in Geeta it is said “Forgiveness is the divine emotion”.
    Looking at the present security of our Madhesh i am appalled and i am forced to feel ashamed. The killing of an individual fellow citizens can not be justified for the any great cause. Now, time has come that we decide whether we become the generation to be cherished by our children or a generation to make them orphans.
    In this 21st century we can not and should not fight like the 19th or 18th century. In 21st century, the revolutionaries don’t come with guns and violence. They come with mike, camera and laced with information.
    Fire can’t be extinguished by Fire neither the unjust should be answered by unjust.
    We are better human-beings.

    We, “the Youth of Madhesh”, the beacon of change, should bestow our service to remove caste-system, dowry and each evil of our society.

    We, “the Youth of Madhesh”, the beacon of Power, should stop any god-damn fanatization of our civic society.

    We, “the Youth of Madhesh”, the beacon of Prosperity, should revolutionize the industry.

    We, the youth of Madhesh !!

  24. I appreciate to all of the youth who has joined this unified madeshi forum.i would also like to suggest that be loyal and the things will go good.

  25. mai madhesi hone ka garv karta huuuuu mai madhes kranti youth forum ka upadhyaksh hone ke babjud rag rag me madhes aur madhesi ke prati sadbhab rakhta huuuuu aur kadar karta huuu un sahido ka jisne madhes ko ek nam diyaaaaaaaaaaaaa….madhes ke mitti pe mera maut bhi mera khoyis hai……..jai madhesssssss 9807894001

  26. Guys,
    First off, I’m from Pahad. I believe the most oppressed/underprivileged people of Nepal is the people from Karnali region. Think about it.

    As a fellow Nepali, you guys should think about solving problem of Nepal. You should be thinking about people of Karnali region too. We, the people from Pahad, should be thinking about your problems as well. We all should think about solving problems in Nepal. Lets think rationally and stop being tribal.

    Last thing: We all are in this mess not because of India, Pahadis, Bahuns or whatever. That’s politics. People trying to sell their ideas for the next election cycle. We have to identify what the real problem is. Until then, we won’t be able to solve the problem.

    In my view, the problem is we, the people. You, me, pahadi, madhesi, newar, tharu and all. We are the problem. We elect these corrupt and incompetent politicians every next cycle. We go to their rallies. We love listening news about them.

    Really last thing: World is imperfect. Its going to be like this. Here in US, blacks are underrepresented/poor. In Nepal, people in terai feel the same about representation. Hey! Stop complaining and do something about it. You have more population and more representation in parliament. You make laws and you ARE part of this system. Plus—how can you say so to a person from Karnali region? You have fertile land, good schools, road, connection, irrigation, industries and everything that they want! Its like the newars complaining. STOP pointing fingers at Pahadis! Why? You are RESPONSIBLE for this mess as much as a person from Pahad is.

    Really Really last thing: Nepal without states was not the problem. Dividing Nepal into various states will not be a solution. Think about it.

  27. ए नफरत बहोत ही बुरी है तुम न पालो इसे
    दिलो मे जो दुस्मनी है तुम निकालो इसे
    न तेरा न मेता न इसका न उसका
    ए हम सबका मधेश है बचालो उसे

  28. wow great..

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