Proposal for 1st General Conference in Kathmandu—–8th and 9th Jan 2010

Dear All,
It is my pleasure to share the initial proposal draft for the Conference(To be Held on 8th Of January 2010, In Kathmandu, Nepal) for United Youth For Change in Madhes. Today we have finalized the Bullet points for the proposed conference. Though we have tried to incorporate all the valid and burning issues of madhes and Nepal, we certainly can not claim it to be the final Draft. We believe there is always a scope for improvement and us being a group, we can not go ahead without all of your’s Valuable inputs. I would like to request all of you on Behalf of UYFM to share your thoughts and opinions on the following topics.
1. Education in Madhes and Nepal.
2.Natural Disasters and Management in Madhes and Nepal.
3.Heath and Sanitation in Madhes and Nepal.
4.Agriculture and Procedures to increase the productivity in Madhes and Nepal.
5.Criminalization of political and Social issues in Madhes and Nepal.
6. New Security Policy being Imposed on Madhes: Implications.
7. PLA integration with National Army.
8. Widening Gaps amongst different communities of Nepal.
9. Transportation and Communication in Madhes and Nepal.
10. Campaign for Honest, non-biased and accountable media.

Dear Friends,
We have taken the initial decision to have all these topics discussed for the mass meeting we are going to have in Kathmandu, besides , we would be communicating and finalizing the final course of action based on the discussions we are going to have prior to the meetings. Hope to have your gracious participation in the discussion
Please share your views at the below page space.

Thanks and Regards,
UYFM Nepal


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