Education in Madhes

These Childrens are the student of a Private School in Madhes

The literacy level of the Madhesis in Terai (including inner Terai) is only 38.4 per cent as compared to 65.6 per cent for the Pahadi (including Himali) group.

The Dalits are the most deprived group of population in Nepal, with only 39.2 per cent literacy.

There is, however, substantial difference in the literacy level between hill Dalits (47.9%) and Terai Dalits (23.4%). Terai Dalits are on the lowest rung of socio-economic development ladder.

Similarly, the literacy rate of Janjatis of Inner Terai and Terai together is only 50 per cent as compared to 58.7 per cent for Himal and 63.2 per cent for Hills.

The literacy rate of Terai castes (including Muslims and excluding Janjatis and Dalits) is only 35.2 per cent as compared to 72.0 per cent for hill castes groups. Thus, the literacy level of hill castes is more than twice that of Madhesi castes.

(Source: Calculated from Harka Gurung’s Nepali Document, Janajati Nepali-Au 8. Doc.)

A study done by Dr Devendra Chhetry, entitled ‘Educationally Disadvantaged Ethnic Groups of Nepal’, conducted under MIMAP Project of APROSC and IDRC, in December 1996, points out the existence of a wide disparity in literacy rate between the Madhesi and Pahadi populations of Terai.

“The average literacy rate of the Pahadi origin groups living in the Terai region is 54.5 per cent, while that of Terai origin group’s population living in the Terai region is 26.4 per cent.”

UYFM Conclusion :

  1. Madhes is not conscious about education which hindering the over all progress of Madhes.
  2. Biasness towards female
  3. Most of the Madhesi teachers working in Madhes are not loyal to their responsibilities & duty.
  4. Even the private institutions in Madhes are not concerned about the desired goal & objective of education.
  5. Exploitation of educated Madhesi youths by private institutions for commercial gain.
  6. All the delegates’ unamaniously agreed to the fact that the pathetic condition of education in Madhes is because of lack of education & awareness

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