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UYFM 1st Interaction Meeting :

आज मिति २०६६/०९/२४ गते का दिन बिहान १० बजे देखि सुरु भएको United Youth For Madhes (UYFM), Nepal को पहिलो दिनको अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रम All India Madhesi Student Association (AIMSA), India को अध्यक्ष सुरेन्द्र मधेसी को अध्यक्षता मा हुन् गैरहेको मा निम्न बिषयहरु माथी छलफल हुन् गैरहेको छ

  • Education in Madhes.
  • Natural Disasters and Management in Madhes.
  • Health and Sanitation in Madhes.
  • Agriculture and Procedures to increase the productivity in Madhes.
  • Criminalization of political and Social issues in Madhes.
  • New Security Policy being Imposed on Madhes: Implications.
  • Transportation and Communication in Madhes.
  • Campaign for Honest, non-biased and accountable media.

On the behest of AIMSA & UYFM, a 2day interaction programme has been started. The no. of youth delegates from different geographical region of Madhes shared their views & opinions on issues related to Madhes & Madhesi societies. The summary of the proceedings have been listed as follows.

Sujit Thakur, Gayatri Shah, Surendra Madhesi & Sunil Adhikari

  1. 1. Education in Madhes :-

  1. Madhes is not conscious about education which hindering the over all progress of Madhes.
  2. Biasness towards female
  3. Most of the Madhesi teachers working in Madhes are not loyal to their responsibilities & duty.
  4. Even the private institutions in Madhes are not concerned about the desired goal & objective of education.
  5. Exploitation of educated Madhesi youths by private institutions for commercial gain.
  6. All the delegates’ unamaniously agreed to the fact that the pathetic condition of education in Madhes is because of lack of education & awareness.

    Surendra Madhesi in UYFM Interaction Programme at Madhes Media Hall Kathmandu

  1. 2. Criminalization of political and social issues in Madhes :-

Madhes issue has given birth to many political and armed groups. But majority of the armed groups are not having any political vision or any roadmap for the social revolution. When analyzing the reasons for mushrooming growth of multiple armed groups causes for their emergence can be listed in following points.

  1. a. Ambition for power and money
  2. b. The extreme feeling of casteism & unnecessary inter-caste conflicts is one of the major causes of backwardness of Madhes.
  3. c. Teenagers mostly into this because of their inability to decide wrong or right.
  4. d. Public awareness is lacking.

Currently in Madhes, the state orchestered drama of security beef ups is mainly concentrated on dominating Madhes and Madhesis in an organized way.  Our recent visit to different districts of Madhes has consolidated our belief that state forces are trying to eliminate the revolutionary Madhesi youths in name of control of armed terrorism in Madhes.

In recent day, the security forces have killed many armed group members who basically were involved in threatening & kidnapping of people of pahade community. While the same security forces are coordinating with some of the armed groups to torture & disturb Madhesi people, we also found the involvement of media person & human right activities. We condemn atrocities of armed groups; the conduct of security forces can not be justified.

Natural Disaster & Management:-

Though natural disaster can not be completely stopped but can be monofed. People of madhes  are basically suffering from fire, floods, erosions etc. the proper management of these unavoidable circumstances can decrease the density of losses.


Fire has been one of the great destroyer of properties in madhes during dry season. This problem has never been addressed properly by the state. One of the reason being the biasness of the state towards madhes.

We can develop our own indigenous technology to control this kind of scenario. The use of traditional stoves can be stopped & people should be encouraged to depend on bio-gas stoves which can be safer that of traditional stoves.


Many of terai districts annually lose properties worth millions & people because of floods & heavy rain. The state has to have a relief committee locally active in all the affected areas . while  the relief activities should be honesty maintained & managed.

Katan & Patan :-

One of the major reason for loss in agriculture products is katan and patan . annually more than thousand hectors of agricultural land is affected by katan and patan. A proper management can this loss.

Health and sanitation:-

Yearly more than 200 madhesi doctors are pass out from different universities around world but medical condition in madhes is nothing.

Infrastructure in madhes is extremely pathetic, the hospitals do not have equipment, hygienic condition for treatment, skilled professionals. One of the reason is lack of public awareness and other reason being the step motherly treatment by the state.

People of madhes should own up the responsibility.

Local management body for  managing hospital is highly incompetent & corrupt.

UYFM Nepal Team Member.....

Agriculture & productivity:-

Fertilizers not available

Agricultural devices not available

Scientific methods not applied

Bhumi sudhar policy is defected methods which can be used to address above  problem.

  • Proper irrigation facility.
  • Subsidy should be given to farmers for effective forming.
  • Agriculture devices and facilities should be made available to farmers.

After our discussion, we concluded the following two broad topics which can be instrumental in addressing the problems.

  • Political leaders and minister’s awareness
  • General public awareness.

    Surendra Madhesi with UYFM Nepal Team Member.....


6 Responses

  1. सम्पूर्ण AIMSA र United Youth For Madhesh (UYFM) का सदस्य साथी हरु लाइ म राज छेत्री को तर्फ बाट देश हित र जन हित को लागी , राष्ट्र र राष्ट्रीयता को लागी , शान्ति र सुरक्षा को लागी , शिक्षा र रोजगार को लागी ,, भ्रस्टाचार र हिंसा को समाप्ति को लागी , बिकास र एकता को लागी ,, बुजुर्ग र भावी पीढ़ी को हित को लागी ,,,एक जूट भई प्रयासरत भयको मा शुभकामना व्यक्त गर्द छ ! युवा पीढ़ी भनेको देश को कर्णधार हो र हजुर हरु को बैठक मा भयको छल फल वास्तव ले आज को समस्या प्रति गंभीरता दर्शायको छ येसैले मलाई लाग्छ सबै लाइ सामाजिक छेत्र मा सुधार को लागी अगाडी आउनु पर्छ र आशा व्यक्त गर्दछु की आउने समय मा पनी यदि हामी सबै एक जूट भई यसरी नै कार्य गरेऊ भने हामीले एक सुनौलो नेपाल को निर्माण गर्न सकिन्छ र भावी पीढ़ी लाइ शांत, शिक्षामय, बिकाशशील, रोजगार युक्त, सुरक्षित , अहिंसामय , र गौरवशाली सांस्कृतिक इतिहास का साथ एक आधुनिक नेपाल सुम्पिन आवश्य नै सकिन्छ !

    जय नेपाल जय मातृभूमि
    AIMSA – यूनाइटेड यूथ फॉर मधेश (UYFM)
    युवा नेपाल संगठन (YNS)

  2. Salam All,
    Bhai yeh program kab aur kaha huwa? mujhe to kisi ne kuch bataya hi nahi…

  3. you guys are doing good and you need to extend this organization east part of Nepal.

  4. i realy fell very glad………….because you guys and your organisation are doing very good work for madeshi people.which realy help to improve the madhasi socity…….and specialy for young generation. so i wish best of luck for your furthur journy.

  5. I am very happy with u all of members coz ur doing good work for madhes. So we all of young genration co-operate to u. Coz its not eassy we have to pay prices for gets our nationrights n freedom. So we are redy to pay prices each moments.

  6. I am glad to see your respectful work towards madhesh change but hit the madheshi party and leaders to take action against madhesh exploitation from ruling system, they are only engage with personal benifit and secondly they are driven by Indian poltician but Indians are not that much positive to make powerful madheshi people so far we have to think change our strategy with India, they always favour to existing ruling system of nepal, lets hope our exercise make fruitful to acieve mission in time

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