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मा जानुस !!!!

धन्यबाद !!

जय मधेस !! जय मातृभूमि !!


14 Responses

  1. Currently government authorities are publishing large number of vacancies but participation and success rate of Madheshi student is still poor. So, lets advise our representatives in the cabinet to make create pressure on the government to make ease the process of recruitment and selection to enhance the access of poor Madheshi students. Moreover, make the students in Madhesh region and specially in Mithila region to concentrate on their quality not on obtaining marks by cheating in the exams.

  2. Dear Friend
    This is very good to hear and initiation Madhesh Youth forum.
    If we can introduce all the parts of Madhesh it will good. I will comment regularly.
    Sanjay Kumar Karna

  3. Dear friends
    Good here that. But first we can change political party becuse its every time fight for chair.

    • i agree with Raju comments….

      all political leaders are fighting for chair……

      we have to change this…….


  4. It’s very good to know about your effort to unite people and contribute to the society and nation. My best wishes will be always with you.

    Our focus should be in keeping peace, prosperity and harmony among different kinds of people and evolve together. If we can influence people to do this, it will be our biggest achievement.

    Good luck to all of us!!!

  5. Why u does not put link

  6. This is very useful for Madheshi Activist for change movment in Terai \madheshs. Thanks for good job. First of all positive think for positive change,




  7. Dear Raju Kushwaha., Jashisha Gupta jee

    Your Think is very Good ,I am also Agree With You ,But in Politician Chair is Very Important .if you have a Chair You Can Do Some Thing ,if you not ,you cant Do any thing
    That means We need Also Chair
    Shekh Mohd Shahid Amani
    R/o Santapur-Dostiya Rautahat

  8. Dear Shyam Kishor Sah jee
    Your Advise is very Good UYFM Need to make Sure Vacancies For Madhasi People
    Hope UYFM Can Do
    Shekh Mohd Shahid Amani
    R/o Santapur-Dostiya Rautahat

  9. My testimony for UYMF :

    Sometimes to know where we are going, we must look at where we had been. I may insult and infuriate some people. And i even intend to. But, my faith in democracy is such that, i always welcome criticism, although personally i never like them.

    We are equally responsible for our torment. We have been divided by others.
    Now, the time demands us to be united.
    Now, the time demands us to remain united.
    Now, the time demands us to fight united.
    Now, the time demands ‘US’…
    A lot of pollution is being entertained in this group. There are people who think we should remain united on common ground of haterade for certain ethnicity of people.
    We should remain united for development, peace, and future. I want every child of Madhesh to be in school, I want electricity, i want water, i want air, i want Land… i want My land to be the “land of happiness”. and i want it more than i can possibly want anything.
    I am not a child with a silver-spoon in mouth. It is not that i have never been victimized for my ethnicity. But, I believe that the unjust should not be answered with revenge. The very core of our thought process should not be poisoned with revenge. In Mahabharata, it is said “Revenge is the purest form of emotion.” but then, in Geeta it is said “Forgiveness is the divine emotion”.
    Looking at the present security of our Madhesh i am appalled and i am forced to feel ashamed. The killing of an individual fellow citizens can not be justified for the any great cause. Now, time has come that we decide whether we become the generation to be cherished by our children or a generation to make them orphans.
    In this 21st century we can not and should not fight like the 19th or 18th century. In 21st century, the revolutionaries don’t come with guns and violence. They come with mike, camera and laced with information.
    Fire can’t be extinguished by Fire neither the unjust should be answered by unjust.
    We are better human-beings.

    We, “the Youth of Madhesh”, the beacon of change, should bestow our service to remove caste-system, dowry and each evil of our society.

    We, “the Youth of Madhesh”, the beacon of Power, should stop any god-damn fanatization of our civic society.

    We, “the Youth of Madhesh”, the beacon of Prosperity, should revolutionize the industry.

    We, the youth of Madhesh !!

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